Wings Mobile Provides 100% Secure Communications. How?

WINGS MOBILE secure calls are protected by a triple level of security: TLS (Transport Layer Security) for Internet communication, ZRTP (Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol) for an end-to-end exchange protected by encryption keys and ICE technology for P2P utilities. No VoIP data flow passes through the server, which guarantees that even Wings Mobile cannot intercept secure calls.

Using new neural libraries, our goal is to create greater security by improving the preexisting encryption algorithms (Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve (up to 384 bits) for the exchange of end-to-end AES encryption keys (up to 256 bits) for confidentiality and HMAC-SHA1 for authentication.

WINGS MOBILE does not use the Man in the Middle systems because it would have no effect since no audio stream passes through the WINGS MOBILE server due to the very nature of technology that is being applied.

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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