The Innovative Wings Mobile Security Systems: Security First!

100% secured Communications Network

Secretly eavesdropping to the conversations of users, non-consensual use of personal data and recording phone calls; these are some of the major issues faced by the modern world technology systems today.

Recently, many popular companies actually bluntly admitted of committing this very crime. Hence now, making use of online technologies has become no less than a nightmare for the general public.

That’s where Wings Mobile Phones come in!

Wings technologies have a straightforward “No middle Man” policy. That means, neither any of its mobile phone user’s data is recorded nor it can be intercepted by any intermediate operator or the company itself. Due to the use of this triple-level security protection, Wings Mobile phones provide a COMPLETELY SECURE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM.

Nonetheless, the presence of TLS, ZRTP layers, and ICE technology GUARANTEE that no VOIP data flows through the server. Also, with the implementation of Neural libraries, Wings is now more focused on improving the pre-existing encryption algorithms. Like, Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve (up to 384 bits) for the exchange of end-to-end data, AES encryption keys (up to 256 bits) for confidentiality and HMAC-SHA1 for authentication.

Safer OS Builds

Significantly stating, Wings Safe Core OS is an Android-based operating system.

Wings Mobile makes use of a combination hybrid of two operating systems, that is, a secured android platform within the commercial android. That means no Android API or application has access to Wings’ OS as it remains based on an entirely encrypted partition of the storage memory.

Furthermore, in order to provide users with complete control over their privacy, Wings OS is specially designed keeping in view the user confidentially for their sensitive data. This includes Financial and Banking Details, Personal Photos, and Videos, e-banking and Crypto wallets. In addition, Wings OS is ONLY ACCESSIBLE through a three-step verification method for the users. This includes:

I. A personal identification number (PIN).

II. Facial recognition based on high-level Neural technologies.

III. Fingerprint verification

Stay tuned as we take deeper looks into this sophisticated-yet-innovation design of Wings Mobile!

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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