How to take care of your body with detoxifying juices

Why wash fruits before consuming them?

Since you will prepare the juices with raw fruits and vegetables, you must bear in mind that these products go through a whole chain of possible contamination.

3 natural juices to take care of your body

  • Yellow juice: pineapple and ginger.

5 benefits of detoxifying juices

Don’t lose heart! If you wonder how to take care of your body with a healthy diet, then these shakes provide great benefits. And, now that you know how to prepare natural energy juices, it’s time to know what they contribute to your system:

  1. By cleaning your organs, you will see an improvement in the condition of your skin.
  2. Regulate the sugar in your body
  3. They cover the daily portion that you should consume of vegetables
  4. You help your liver to function properly

Benefits of ozone in water

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and, therefore, facilitates cleaning processes, reducing even the expenses that may be involved in this procedure, since it will no longer be necessary to purchase aerosols or scrub them with sponges to remove dirt.

Where to find an ozonator stone?

As you can see, the benefits of ozone are many, that is why surely in the market you will see a great variety of devices and tools to produce it.

How to use the ozonating stone to wash the fruits?

It does not require much effort, all you have to do is put the fruits and vegetables in a container with water, insert the stone and leave it for a few minutes while it works.

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