How Does Bitwings Provide a Guaranteed Issuance Value? — Part 2

Many newly issued cryptocurrencies have been subjected to intense speculative movements that has reduced their prices to ZERO, generating serious damage not only to their promoters but, undoubtedly, for many holders who have seen their value evaporate.

As a maximum means of guarantee regarding the strength of the project, BITWINGS is the first and only currency that guarantees its issue price, of $0.2. It will always be accepted in the WINGSPAY system at this minimum price, although it is possible for its trading value to be lower than the issue price.

This defuses any “bearish” speculative movements that could generate panic among BWN owners. Therefore, any BWN holder can rest assured that they can always convert their cryptocurrency into high technology products and services, trust that there will be a growing volume of exchange, and rest assured that they will maintain a value which is guaranteed by the issuer.

The BWN Initial Offer is intended to strengthen the financial base of the project to address the Business Plan at the expected rate of expansion.

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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