How Does Bitwings Provide A Guaranteed Issuance Value? — Part 1

A first source of uncertainty came from the lack of a “history”, since many projects are entirely new. However, BWN responds to a reality in progress, which mixes technology, innovation and innovative marketing formulas that have been imposing a very fast rate of expansion that requires financial contributions of this ICO to be effective.

Faced with a dynamic in which 60% of the new cryptocurrency emissions fail, and many disappear to end up becoming pure speculation tools, based on undeveloped technological constructions, BWN bases its strength on the real economy, and particularly associated to innovation. If applying economic theory, conventional currencies base their value on the solvency of the economies that issue them, the same must happen with the bulk of the cryptocurrencies in the long term.

The value of the BWN, therefore, does not depend so much on the stock (more or less erratic) of Bitcoin, as it occurs to practically all cryptoactives, but rather it responds to a business ecosystem, WINGS MOBILE, with the following characteristics:

  • Already existing:

led by professionals with ample experience in business management and innovative environments.

  • With its own technology:

focused on a blockchain adapted to mobile devices, which facilitates agile and secure exchanges, already operative in a large percentage and with “final” nailing calendars, perfectly defined and graphed out.

  • In exponential growth:

for its decentralized vocation and that is synthesized in a SOCIAL MARKET whose acceptance has motivated the current Initial Currency Offer (ICO).

Stay tuned as we look further into the depth of this article in Part 2!

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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