“Evan Luthra & Bitwings Conquer the South American Blockchain Scene” — YAHOO

2 min readApr 26, 2020

Bitwings & Evan Luthra took the South American Blockchain industry like a storm in the second week of February through a series of events. The events were focused on educating and on-boarding blockchain enthusiasts from South American countries like Colombia, Peru & Mexico. Thousands of attendees hailing from industries like finance, banking, insurance, software & mobile technology were present. The entire series of events were sold out within hours of tickets being available which was a first in South American Blockchain industry activities.

Dr. Evan Luthra is a millionaire angel investor and PhD. in blockchain who is also the CTO for Bitwings. Evan played the role of keynote speaker and shared his experience, knowledge & vision. The Q&A sessions after speeches were filled with questions about the latest innovations & applications of blockchain technology which are coming to light after Facebook’s Libra. Evan is at the helm of marketing and investor relations at Bitwings taking the organization globally.

As per Evan — “I am part of the project because the vision shared by Bitwings to provide security with transparency is unique in its approach. They are not primarily about making money like many other crypto projects that we have seen, instead they are creating an entire ecosystem for benefiting the common man with the power of blockchain.”

The Bitwings team shared the insights about their exclusive products developed for next level utilization of blockchain technology. Bitwings boasts about their own cryptocurrency token which is available for investment and purchase right now. Their portfolio also includes ‘Minephone WX’ smartphones & ‘X Book’ laptops.

The Minephone is a unique smartphone designed to bring the security & value of blockchain in the palm of a common man, not only it can mine 2 Ethereum per month but also has valuable features like SAFE CORE OS™, Triple Factor Authentication, E-wallet built-in hardware Cold Storage & neural technology.

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