Complete Guide to the Disinfecting Door — Wings Door

Wings Door: Disinfectant door

This product is one of the most popular in the company, as it stands out for being complete and innovative. You will already realize what we are talking about!


And it is hardly normal because the structure of the door is adaptable and easy to assemble, ideal characteristics to take it everywhere because you can install it in one place and if you want to take it with you to another place, you can do it; either because you are moving or because you want its implementation in another place.

Useful accessories

This tool has a series of accessories that complement the user experience.

So… why is it your best option?

The Wings technical team carried out a large number of tests to comply with the hygiene and occupational safety protocol standards required by governments, taking spray disinfection to a level of guarantee that you cannot achieve with common and traditional products.

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