Call International Numbers with Second Number

What is international roaming?

We will explain what international roaming is, how it works and some rates offered by different operators to users.

How does it work?

In the same way that the mobile phone is used in your country. When you turn on your device in a foreign country, the signal contracted by your operator will search for available cellular networks in the place where you are.

How to call outside the country with international roaming?

With this international roaming system, you can make and receive calls to your same number, in addition, you can also call outside the country with the rate agreed by your operator.

So what is the Second Number app?

Initially we mentioned this application, as an option to international roaming, now we are going to clarify all the doubts about it.

How does it work?

Wings Mobile has this native application within its devices, and it works by creating a foreign telephone line, alternate to yours. It does not require access to mobile data from the cell phone, but it does require network coverage, that is, there is a signal. In this way you can make and receive calls normally.

How to call outside the country with the Second Number?

Wings Mobile, apart from bringing this benefit of being able to obtain an additional number and make cheap international calls, currently has coverage in 60 countries, where it is possible to make and receive calls with this operator.

What are the advantages of the Second Number?

One of the biggest advantages of this native Wings Mobile application is that there are no additional charges, what do we mean by this? If you travel to a foreign country you have two options: the first is to buy a prepaid line and recharge it to be able to communicate; and the second is to pay for international roaming.

What is the number limit that the Second Number application offers you?

This application has an advantage that even international roaming does not offer, and that is that it does not only create a single telephone line per country, since it does not have a line limit.

With Wings Mobile — how does it work?

The international company Wings Mobile, thought to benefit its users, for this reason the native application creates an infinite number of international lines and provides a caller ID.

Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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