Bitwings IEO on P2PB2B Round 2 is NOW ON!

THRILLED to say-out-loud, Bitwings IEO Round 2 with P2PB2B has been successfully running since 1st September, 2019!

P2PB2B is by far, world’s rapid growing technological exchange that targets to provide exclusive conditions for both, investors and traders. To add more, OWASP Top 10 protection, super fast KYC and FASTEST Online Support makes this exchange HIGHLY TRENDING among the users!

Guess what? P2PB2B is a trading platform that can support up to 10,000 trades per second and one million Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections! Interesting, isn’t it?

Buying BWN tokens through an exchange. Why?

1. You are GIVEN the belief that if one of the top exchanges has listed this token, it SURELY has a promising future. After all, the exchange itself won’t want to burn its own future customer base!

2. You have the UNIQUE OPTION of selling the tokens at a later date or whenever you wish to! The tokens are immediately trade-able as well!

3. There is an ADDITIONAL LEVEL of protection provided through the KYC checks which makes it difficult for illicit investors to participate. Hence, trust issues are redefined and strengthened here!

4. Sometimes, when you are lucky, exchanges provide unbeatable token offers which aren’t presented elsewhere!

What’s the wait for? Grab this offer!

Visit p2pb2b now!

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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