Bitwings Chooses BDO for Its Infallible Business Plan

Wings Mobile, the start-up that will revolutionize the mobile phone industry, also a company known in particular for having applied the latest technologies to mobile (such as the revolutionary Graphene battery, face recognition, and new technologies geared to privacy and mobility) has chosen to make use of the support offered by the best team of professionals for advice on their business plan, the BDO.

Bitwings and BDO, why?

BDO is an international network of independent companies offering professional consulting services under the same and unique brand all over the world, thanks to the capillarity of its 1400 offices. BDO is present in over 160 countries with approximately 74,000 highly qualified professionals.

“It was precisely with them that our industrial plan was implemented, we relied on their expertise to ensure an effective and efficient service. As market expectations are always higher and we are absolutely committed to offer a service of excellence at all times, we have entrusted ourselves at BDO to guarantee the quality of the service offered “- explains CEO Antonio Milio.

But what is BDO?

BDO was founded in 1963 by the union of founding companies. This is based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the United States with the aim of sharing and enhancing the expertise of each entity involved, in order to benefit the quality of services offered to the customer and to the market.

BDO is one of the 5 major international auditing and consulting networks in the world, which thanks to its team of professionals offers itself to the largest international groups.

BDO offers integrated professional audit, advisory, outsourcing, tax & legal services in line with the highest quality standards to large international groups, national SMEs, private investors and public institutions, to support them and improve their performance at each stage of their development, in compliance of the current regulations.

What’s the added value of BDO? It is the sole ability to always respond to each new need of customers by proposing targeted solutions.

Moreover, what really distinguishes the BDO is their commitment to always reach an exceptional client service, identifying and sharing with each customer the aspects that, for each of them, define the quality of the service offered.

Also, increased regulation requires companies to perform in-depth and objective analysis. As companies continue to handle implications and other complex relationships, governance and regulatory developments, BDO provides an objective and independent guide to help customers make informed business decisions.

Furthermore, the local knowledge of their team combined with international experience and the strength of their network, are the prerequisites for an effective and efficient service for every customer in every country.

Interestingly, in October 2015, BDO received the prestigious “IAB Network of the year award” honour.

Safety at the service of innovation: the winning combination available to Wing Mobile / BitWings customers.

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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