Avoid injuries in traffic accidents by driving a scooter

Why do injuries occur in traffic accidents with a scooter?

Basically because some users buy low-quality skateboards, which do not provide basic accessories such as a good lighting system. In fact, many of the accidents arise due to the poor visibility of these users on the road.

Give a correct use to this means of transport

To avoid injuries in traffic accidents while driving a scooter at all costs, it is best to keep some safety recommendations in mind:

Wear protective gear

It is important that you equip yourself with a helmet, knee pads and elbow protection. Well, these implements will protect vulnerable areas of your body in the event of an accident.

Do ongoing maintenance, check brakes and lights

You cannot leave your well-being to chance. Therefore, you must be aware of any failure that your electric scooter may present, check that its lights and directional signals are working correctly so that you are visible on the road.

Buy quality equipment

Although it seems like an obvious suggestion, the quality of the vehicle you buy will also determine that you reduce the chances of injury. That is why we also want to share with you the characteristics of the ideal skateboard.

Characteristics of the ideal electric scooter

There is a scooter that gives you the best properties, it is the Wings Pro Scooter. A product with quality characteristics, let’s see one by one:

  • Directional signs and stop : so that other actors on the road can identify when you reduce speed, the Pro Scooter has a stop light located on the fender. In addition, the directional signs located on both sides of the rear tire allow you to interact while driving and join in responsible driving. To access them you will see next to the central panel, the buttons with the arrows to the left and right respectively.
  • Digital display : the Pro Scooter’s dashboard shows speed and battery level, so you can be on the lookout and recharge your skateboard whenever you need it.
  • Battery : moving on to more technical topics, you will see that this vehicle has a 36 V 7.5 Ah lithium battery that will allow you to travel up to 45 km on a single charge and complete its energy levels with 3 or 4 hours of connection.
  • Speed ​​and motor : its motor is 250 W with which it reaches a speed of up to 25 km / h. Therefore, it is important that you have protective equipment and follow the safety recommendations that we already mentioned.

Protective equipment properties

Once you have a skateboard that allows you to ride safely on the road, it is vital that the protective equipment is also of high quality. You should look at:


The main thing will be to know your size, because many times these teams do not have adjustable straps, so all you have to do is measure the contour of your head by placing the meter about 1.5 cm above the eyebrows.


Look for them to be articulated so that you have optimal mobility, covering the entire knee area and protecting the fibula, tibia and femur. Keep in mind the material, it must be rigid, resistant but comfortable.

Elbow pads

In the event of a fall, your arms next to your wrists may be the areas that receive the greatest impact. Therefore, articulated elbow pads will protect the elbow joint, as well as the ulna and radius, bones located in your forearm.


Taking into account that the most frequent injury when driving an electric skateboard occurs in this area, you can buy wristbands that provide good mobility and all the necessary protection.

Additional accessories

If you like prevention, the best thing you can do is add jackets to your outfit that protect you from any impact and that are reflective so that other drivers can identify you on the road.

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