Are we ready as an ICO?

In today’s world, the rapidly changing market along with the volatile fluctuations of prices is quite a CONCERN. It’s often tricky to predict the upcoming rules and regulations that may affect the ICO. However, there are certain promising factors which guarantee the successful operation of an ICO. These factors aid in ensuring that we are now ready to run a successful ICO. Some of these VITAL factors practiced by our BITWINGS TEAM have been highlighted below:

Stage 1: Before the Launch of the ICO

· We acknowledge the fact that even though raising billions of dollars globally might be tempting but there is an immense amount of work that goes into marketing campaign of a successful TOKEN SALE. Through this, we demonstrate a long-standing existing team who show absolutely real commitment to their grounds.

· At every step, we ask ourselves and as a team — are we crafting an actual solution to an actual problem? Are we READY for little to no sleep? This strengthens our determination to deliver our very best to our customers.

· We understand the fact that there is a huge community of investors who hop on board and know what questions to ask before investing in an ICO. If they feel that our PROPOSAL doesn’t need a BLOCKCHAIN protocol, we can end up being hassled as long as they really acknowledge the value we intend to provide. Hence, we device steps accordingly so that any investor isn’t turned down.

· By surrounding ourselves with profound ADVISORS, crypto experts and professional partners, we intend to create a strong team so that it eventually comes down to one common vision and one common commitment to the project.

· We work in a team to professionally set up an agile marketing strategy. This is kept agile as what’s around the corner for the ICO cannot be predicted and hence, it is vital to outline and assign the channels that are to be utilized and also, announcement of a clear budget.

Stage 2: While the ICO is in Progress

· We comprehend the fact that initially new investors and clients will have vital queries which will need to be resolved in-depth. Hence, we have an up-to-the-minute FAQ segment that shall provide solution to any basic enquiry undoubtedly. From token usage to BOUNTY PROGRAMS offered, this section will unravel most of the primary enquiries.

· Our Whitepaper and all other marketing material target the widest base of audience as we plan to go international! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well, the world can wait and watch as the prominent ICO is in the making!

· We have a real-time virtual community on board to assist investors and clients with a 24/7 service. From social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter to more professional blogs like MEDIUM, we have got it all covered for you.

Stage 3: After the ICO phase

· We believe that in order to keep the adoption level of tokens high and our success rooting upwards, we essentially need to live up to the trust of the community we are dealing with. Hence, we shall be as transparent as possible after we have CROWDFUNDED so that our contributors can appreciate the choice they have made to come on board with us.

· With INNOVATIVE features and specialized services, we intend to keep our community engaged at all times because we solely owe to the fact that, the crypto currency belongs to them.

Not-to-forget, we DEEM the fact that unbeaten marketing strategy is the ultimate key to build community trust and encourage the adoption of tokens. Without a doubt, we have got this SORTED for you!

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Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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