A Look into Wings Neural Face ID & Neural Technology

Wings Neural Face ID

Neural Face ID is software that allows filtering access to the smartphone, thanks to the bio-metric 3D control of the user’s face. Thanks to neural technology, which greatly improves the speed and details of visual and bio-metric recognition, Wings Neural Face identification allows the user to display a different menu application based on predefined biometric and visual filters.

To better clarify the concept, if a user accesses the phone next to another person, the neural identification device (of the face) immediately recognizes the presence of the second or third person and depending on the configuration set by the user, it will show a different menu based on the configuration set by the user.

The configuration is done by creating second biometric profiles, simply by selecting photos of people who can access the user’s phone and filtering the content of the menu and the application according to the biometric profile. It can also create profiles with zero or limited access if those who have access to the phone do not have a photo uploaded as biometric profiles.

Neural Technology

Neural technology allows improving existing software geared toward security and privacy protection. It is the basis on which new exclusive and unique applications are being created to increase the degree of security and interaction with the end user. This allows us to develop a new software and hardware architecture that guarantees a total degree of security.

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