A Look into the Safe Core Operating System of Wings Mobile

Have you wondered why Wings Mobile developed its own Operating System? And what did the new OS architecture look like?

You’re about to explore this maze now!

Wings Safe Core OS is a secure Android-based Operating System, while Android itself is a Linux virtual server.

Though, using an enclosed secure operating system assures complete security and impenetrability, it however, does not permit any compatibility with Android, as this would make it highly vulnerable to the unforeseen harm brought about by the applications that are installed freely on a daily basis perhaps.

Hence, this drawback could reduce its use and force the end user to make use of two separate smartphones; one for the protected use of data and the other for downloading and using various generally used applications such as, WhatsApp.

To conquer this, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, WINGS MOBILE opts for a hybrid integration of the two operating systems; specifically a secured Android within a commercial Android. Thanks to this integration which has brought about the creation of a dual operating system for all Wings Mobile devices!

To add more, the Wings Safe OS is significantly based on an encrypted partition of storage memory and is absolutely independent of the main Android system. NO APPLICATION OR ANDROID API has access to Wings Safe OS!

Could you ask for more? We bet, not!

Thereby, it is a unique, safe and impassable system in which the only form of gaining access is linked to the triple method of personal control that includes: use of facial identification based on neural technology, fingerprint identification and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Not-to-forget, Wings Safe Core is exceptionally designed to store the most sensitive user data safe, which includes: your e-wallet, banking and financial applications, personal photo and videos saved in galleries, or anything else that is highly precious to you!

The control of your security and safety is now completely in YOUR hands!

Stay tuned as we take a deeper look into this sophisticated extraordinary OS in our following write-ups!

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