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With the constant evolution in technology, smartphones are not far behind. These have undergone great and positive changes throughout history.

Several renowned brands as well as popular around the world, have given us proof that this 2020 is one of those famous years for these devices. In the digital network, the discussion about the trends of smartphones 2020 is on everyone’s lips , debating between one device and another, one brand or another.

All smartphones , regardless of the manufacturer, model, series or type of features they have, should be promising and at the same time attractive to any fan of smartphones. …

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This time we have created a category called “know all the details about new smartphones and NFC technology”, since there is a lot of talk about these acronyms, but do we really know everything about them? Are we clear about what it works for?

If you want to solve those doubts and others that you may have, keep reading all the information we have for you, we will also tell you about the most recent releases of smartphones 2020 and if this technology has been included in those devices.

Let’s start by clarifying all doubts

The acronym NFC refers to its name in English, Near Field Communication, which can be translated as near field communication. …

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Humanity has had to face drastic changes this year. However, science and technology have remained predominant elements in the life of each person. An example of this are the advances in telephony.

There are already new mobiles on the market. The world’s most renowned brands dedicated their time and effort to launch revolutionary models that bring a lot of innovation to the digital universe. So if you think you’ve missed one, don’t worry. In this review of the 2020 Smartphones releases you will be able to know the most sought-after and popular options of the moment. Pay attention!

Find out about the best features with the new Smartphones

Next, you will find a list of the mobiles presented by the most famous brands on the planet during 2020. Thus, you will have the opportunity to learn about everything that modern technology brings to you. …

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The trend of Zoom in the cell phone took the year 2019 and what elapses of 2020 to innovate in the market of Smartphones . Why did this happened? Do you really know all the details about this trend?

Photography and audiovisual media content have taken over the last few years, the content you upload and its quality are becoming increasingly important. Beauty, entertainment and the massive are gaining strength in different topics, today everything is visible and the details are very important.

If you are one of those who loves to capture images, create content or even enjoy good quality entertainment or information, this article will explain more about the Zoom trend and its full potential. Find the cell phone you want knowing an important detail in the cameras, we also have a surprise about a Smartphone that you did not know and a unique photographic challenge. …

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To talk about Hybrid Dialer, you must first know about hybrid technology for cell phones since these two are directly related and in this article we summarize the information you should know.

By the way, do you know if your smartphone has this application?

Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology is designed to modify the tools that a device previously has, on the market there are hybrid cars that combine an electric motor with a diesel or gasoline combustion engine. In this case, the advantage of combining these engines is that fuel consumption is reduced by between 30 and 40% approximately.

Hybrid Computers

The innovations do not stop, for this reason in the market you can find several devices that facilitate your experience. Among the options are tablets and keyboards, which, when combined, form a computer. Portable option to accompany you to all the desired places. …

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What native services in Wings smartphones makes them so unique?

Hybrid Dialer

It is the first hybrid dialer in the world, which integrates GSM technology plus VoIP technology as a native application.

Thanks to this, it allows you to maximize all the functions incorporated in a single dialer, so you do not depend on external apps and have different call options in a single dialer.


The Wings Mobile GUARDIAN Native Service is a security system that verifies in real time if other installed applications or Trojans use the microphone or the camera without your knowledge.

It protects you from capturing audios or images without your knowledge when browsing. The theft of information is one of the easiest today and with which many companies profit in a gigantic way. …

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Every year there are new technologies in smartphones and these are governed by the trends in the market that have been seen or that are projected in it, causing companies to constantly compete to position themselves within fashionable smartphones and smartphone releases 2020.

Servers and operators have been standardized around the world, offering similar benefits in the market for the same platforms with the difference that it is another brand that presents them on their phones.

How innovative are brands then if they offer what is already standardized? Very few are put into the task of developing new technologies for the consumer. …

The BITWINGS (BWN) is the token of WINGS MOBILE and is implemented in an intelligent ERC-20 contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

BWN is a cryptocurrency that, unlike many other coins, has a value based on its “true currency” nature.

  • Its’ strength is based on the economy of the successfully operating company focusing on innovation and not in the evolution of Bitcoin, like other crypto-currencies.
  • It is a medium of exchange that can be used in the Wings Mobile ecosystem to purchase products and services both in the online channel and in physical stores. …

BitWings (BWN) is a token of Wings Mobile which remains implemented in an intelligent ERC-20 contract on the ethereum blockchain. Wings WX mobile phone utilizes a generation software capable of producing one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies quite effectively. So that even a beginner can start his blockchain journey right away. With the use of Neural Technologies and encrypted work environments, WX offers the maximum security of data for its users. Moreover, the mobile phone remains completely secured with Biometric Facial Recognition through Neural FaceID.

How does it perform crypto mining?

The coins remain generated with the help of Proof of Data (POD) System. In addition, MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core allows optimal performance for the miners to use the phone for mining as well as mobile phone purposes. Its 365-daily payment, max power of 1000 MH/S also adds to its mining capabilities. Ultimately, making the mobile phone capable of generating 2 Ethereum per month which is a great bonus itself. …


In this case, you will have obtained a benefit in relation to the amount of BWN you have purchased and the % bonus you received during the ICO phase in which you participated.


We can guarantee that your BWN is worth $ 0.20 in all Wings Mobile stores: On line and Off Line. In practice, it is as if you had an equivalent in technological products that guarantees its capital at the time of purchasing the tokens.

This instrument guarantees avoiding the collapse of the BWN token, since to be accepted directly by wings mobile at a minimum value of 0.20 USD, it avoids that in case of speculative actions that devalue the value of the token being sold below the issue value. …



Bitwings aims to offer smartphones with futuristic technology to all its customers at competitive telephone rates and transmission of encrypted data.

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